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JITSI: An Open Source Alternative to Video Meeting Software

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Covid-19 has made tremendous changes in our lifestyles. The very way of our working is changed. Lockdown, Contentment Zone, Red/Orange/Green Zones, Pandemic and many more words are added in our daily routine which we hardly cared to notice. Online Meeting is one of the major changes we have encounter in the Covid-19 pandemic. China is widely blamed for Corona Virus…

Opportunity for BBA/MBA/BCA (Freshers) across India.

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Most of us really aspire to join a corporate firm at a young age, contribute being a part of its Management and add to their growth stories. India’s Online Admission Portal OneFORM hires graduate and undergraduate students to work within the boundaries of their city as a Management Trainee/Executive. OneFORM is an Indian Single Form Online Admission Platform bringing Students…

Digital India के तहत स्कूल कॉलेज को होगी ₹ 1 से 2 लाख तक की सालाना बचत।

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ज्यादातर कॉलेज और स्कूलों में पाया गया है कि वहां नयी सुविधा पे खर्च करने के लिए पर्याप्त धनराशि (ग्रांट) नही है। इसी कारण देश के ज़्यादातर स्कूल/कॉलेज अपने छात्रों को एडमिशन जैसी बुनियादी ऑनलाइन सुविधा नही दे पाते। भारत के स्कुल और कोलेज को Online Admission करने के लिए अब एक भी रुपया खर्च नहीं करना पड़ेगा। स्कुल और…