33,800+ years deep roots of India! Proved.

Since our childhood we have been told many stories about our Epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata. As a child we have always believed it without asking a single question. As we grow older and started learning History in our schools we started doubting stories of our Epics. Our textbooks are planned and composed in a way which creates a lot of question about the very existence of our civilization in deep antiquity.  We are taught that Aryans came and they taught us how to live! That’s really not true. 

Indian civilization is an age old and the only civilization on the Earth which has been in existence for thousand of years. The advancement in Science and Technology has given us an opportunity to prove the Historic Facts about India. An opportunity was provided to me to speak out the findings of modern science proving the histrocity of Indian Civilization by Bhartiya Vichar Manch, Bhavnagar

I hope you will watch this video and provide your valuable opinion about it. I will appreciate if you take this findings to the common people around you who are either busy managing their lives or who are completely ignorant. 

Thank you very much for taking time in reading this article and watching this video. Please feel free to express your feelings in the comment section of this article or youtube. Every opinion matters! 


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