Glory of Indian Astrology

“Maharshi Bhrugu”

The Indian Astrology is an essential part of the humankind. The most ignored by the modern so-called scientific people, the Bhrugu Samhita of Indian Astrology is the first book which used astronomy for the betterment of the Human. 

First of all, Veda is not everything. There are Upanishads, Samhita and Other relevant Books on different topics. Veda is not just 5000 years old, as we are wrongly taught.

Second, there where Rishis an Maharshis (Readers and Professor in modern context). One of the Maharshi was Maharshi Bhrugu. Who wrote a book on prediction called “Bhrugu Samhita“. Similarly, Maharshi Charak wrote “Charak Samhita” (Ayurveda).

Indian Astrology is very complex maths. Calculation of Planet, its Degree, its Dasha and antardasha everything is based on a strong maths. And according to modern science and astronomy, not a single calculation of Astrology is proven wrong till date. 

Now, just imagine, Bhrugu calculated everything without Telescope and Modern equipment thousands of year back. 

So, logically you can prove anything, but the facts remains facts even if we can not see it.

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